How Do You Use Yacht In A Sentence?

How do you use dough in a sentence?

Dough sentence examplesStealing papa’s dough, I guess.

“I’m not sure I can keep the dough,” Fred answered.

When we saw the dough, we both damned near flipped.

He looks around for a place to stash the dough and start a new identity.

She quickly whipped up pancake dough and placed a large iron skillet over the fire with some lard in it.More items….

What is a synonym for yacht?

yachtracer.sailboat.sloop.cruiser.ketch.yawl.cabin cruiser.sailing boat.

Is owning a yacht worth it?

Owning a yacht, and spending a lot of time on it, should be something you really want to do. … The market for luxury yachts if far more complex than real estate. Ultimately it is market based on high value assets that do tend to depreciate, unless they are properly maintained, and that maintenance is very expensive.

What does a 60 million dollar yacht look like?

This particular yacht was delivered new in January 2012 and comes from Benetti. … It measures 61 metres (200 feet) and comprises of two panoramic master suits as well as four guest staterooms.

What does ketch mean?

A ketch is a two-masted sailboat whose mainmast is taller than the mizzen mast (or aft-mast), generally in a 40-foot or bigger boat. The name ketch is derived from catch. The ketch’s main mast is usually stepped in the same position as in a sloop.

What is a yacht girl?

Women installed on yachts in Cannes during the film festival are called “yacht girls,” and the line between professional prostitutes and B- or C-list Hollywood actresses and models who accept payment for sex with rich older men is sometimes very blurred, explains one film industry veteran.

How much is a nice yacht?

According to sales data, the average price for a yacht is $8.4 million. They start around $300,000 for smaller 40 feet models and can go as high as several hundred million dollars for the biggest superyachts. Keep in mind, this average amount is all-encompassing.

How much does a 100 ft yacht cost?

A good rule of thumb for a state-of-the-art motor yacht over 100 feet now is $1 million per meter, or more than $50 million for an impressive, but not outlandish, 170-footer.

What’s another word for taught?

Some common synonyms of teach are discipline, educate, instruct, school, and train.

What is the use of yacht?

A yacht /jɒt/ is a sail or power vessel used for pleasure, cruising, or racing. There is no standard definition, so the term applies to such vessels that have a cabin with amenities that accommodate overnight use.

Why did she take a little dough only?

Answer: The lady took a tiny scrap of dough because the first two cakes baked by her seemed to be too large to give away .

How do you describe dough?

Dough is a thick, malleable, sometimes elastic paste made out of any grains, leguminous or chestnut crops. Dough is typically made by mixing flour with a small amount of water and/or other liquid, and sometimes includes yeast or other leavening agents as well as other ingredients such as various fats or flavorings.

How do you use missing in a sentence?

Missing sentence examplesShe was missing something. … One word was missing in all that… … Dean was sorry Cynthia was missing the presentation. … You’re deliberately missing the point. … Was it about a missing child? … Howie located a Salt Lake City missing girl of twelve, hidden in the loving care of a distant aunt.More items…

What is the sentence of entrance?

1, A lighthouse marks the entrance to the harbour. 2, They specified a spacious entrance hall. 3, She was interrupted by the entrance of an attendant. 4, The college entrance examination is a real challenge.

What is dough slang for?

The definition of dough is slang for money. … An example of dough is the cash in your pocket.

What means entrance?

noun. an act of entering, as into a place or upon new duties. a point or place of entering; an opening or passage for entering, as a doorway. the right, privilege, or permission to enter; admission: People improperly dressed will be refused entrance to the theater.

What is the sentence of course?

Course sentence examples. Of course, he was just a kid. The service on Christmas Eve day was, of course, about Jesus. She carried a chair to a spot that wouldn’t be visible on a course from the path to the door, and sat down.