Question: How Long Is Pyrodex Good For?

Is Pyrodex better than 777?

777 is roughly equivalent to 100 gr.


You will get more shots per pound with 777, if you dropped down 10-15% on your load volume..

What is the cleanest black powder substitute?

Blackhorn 209Blackhorn 209 produces some of the highest velocities out of all available black powder substitutes. Additionally, it’s very consistent in performance, which really aids accuracy. It’s also non-corrosive and is by far the cleanest burning black powder substitute.

How much black powder can you own?

If they have a permit they can have 25 pounds, otherwise 5 pounds. Per state law, you may possess up to 20 lbs of smokeless powder and up to 1 lb of black powder, however, your local city or county ordinances may impose additional limits.

What is the cleanest muzzleloader powder?

Blackhorn 209And, as already pointed out, thanks to the nitrocellulose base, Blackhorn 209 is the cleanest burning of today’s muzzleloader powders – actually producing best accuracy when the light fouling is left in the bore after each shot.

How many Pyrodex Pellets should I use?

Bottom line, keep your loads limited to 2 (50gr) pellets or 100 gr loose and you should be good to go and safe.

Can you use FFg powder in revolver?

Yes you can use FFg black powder in your 1860 Army replica. You can’t overload the cylinder and still get a ball or bullet in.

How long is black powder good for?

a thousand yearsThe Official Answer. Black Powder is good for at least a thousand years or so.

What is the difference between Pyrodex and Triple 7?

pyrodex isnt as nearly accurate as triple 7 in most guns. pyrodex will rust your gun out more that any thing out their if not cleaned properly. triple 7 seem to have clean bores except in the breeches of some guns which can have a brunt sugar hard ring that is very hard to get out.

Do you need a Licence to buy Pyrodex?

Pyrodex and similar products are fairly new to the muzzle loading market, only existing for the last 40 years or so. … As of 2019, an Explosives Certificate is also required to buy Pyrodex, as it’s classification has changed as regards to explosives licensing.

Are Pyrodex Pellets corrosive?

The pyrodex produces an acid based corrosion, all of the subs do. If you clean them WELL promptly, no major problems, but it is best to use a BASE as part of the cleaning process with the subs to nuetralize the acid.

How many grains of Triple 7 pellets should I use?

100 grainsHodgson Co. ,which makes Pyrodex and Triple 7 pellets, says you should not use more than 100 grains of either brand.

Can Pyrodex go bad?

Kept dry it’s virtually immortal. Pyrodex is a different critter, and it can degrade, but sealed and stored somewhere without tremendous temperature extremes it should last as long as any smokeless powder — which is to say a long, long time.

How long will Pyrodex Pellets last?

all pellets go bad after a year or 2. They are in an unsealed container and that allows moisture to get to them. Loose powder is best. You can always shoot them just to get rid of them, but i certainly would start fresh.

Does Walmart sell Pyrodex?

50 Pyrodex Pellets, 24pk – Walmart Inventory Checker – BrickSeek.

Which is better black powder or Pyrodex?

Pyrodex is less sensitive to ignition than black powder, and uses the same shipping and storage guidelines as smokeless powder. Pyrodex is more energetic per unit of mass than black powder, but it is less dense, and can be substituted at a 1:1 ratio by volume for black powder in many applications.

Is Triple 7 corrosive?

Triple 7 is corrosive. Highly.

Is Pyrodex more powerful than black powder?

Pyrodex is bulkier, another way of saying “less dense.” By weight, it is more powerful than Goex black powder. … It is even farther away from black powder by actual weight; 100 grains volumetric equals about 63.9 grains by actual weight.

In the United States, federal law says you can make gunpowder for your own use on your own property, but you can’t give or sell it to anyone else without an ATF license. … In much of the world it’s against the law even to buy the ingredients without a license.