Question: Is Osaka Better Than Tokyo?

Is Osaka better than Kyoto?

Kyoto is more culturally immersed as it is the ex-capital where as Osaka is more for commerce developed from the old merchant town.

Osaka is good for a day or less(mainly eat & drink) but Kyoto for 3 or more days.

If you can find a hotel room, stay in Kyoto.

You can commute but may get tired & miss out on night scenes..

What is the most dangerous place in Japan?

7 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in JapanKabukicho, Tokyo. Kabukicho is the largest red light district in the world. … Kamagasaki, Osaka. Kamagasaki (also known as Airinchiku) is Japan’s largest slum. … Roppongi, Tokyo. … Shinsekai, Osaka. … Susukino, Sapporo. … Nakasu, Fukuoka. … Ueno, Tokyo. … 2020 Edogawa Hanabi.More items…•

What should I buy in Osaka?

The Best 15 Must Buy Souvenirs in Osaka, JapanMadame Shinko Brulee / Baumkuchen. Osaka has a lot of famous sweets, I would like to say that Madame Shinko Brulee is the best sweet in Osaka. … 551 Horai Pork Bun (Butaman) … Batondor Glico. … Uncle Rikuro Cheese Cake. … Omoshiroi Koibito. … Moncher Dojima Roll Cake. … Osaka Petit Banana. … Kuidaore Taro Pudding.More items…

Where should you stay in Osaka?

Where to Stay in Osaka SummaryThe best places to stay in Osaka are Namba and Umeda.Other good places to stay in Osaka are hotels near the Midosuji subway line, Osaka Castle or Universal Studios.Namba and Umeda are major transport hubs with lots of shops and restaurants.Stay in Namba if you love food and nightlife.More items…•

Is there Uber in Osaka?

TOKYO — Uber Technologies on Wednesday rolled out a cab-hailing service in Osaka with a smartphone application that connects passengers to a local taxi company.

Is it rude to finish your plate in Japan?

The same is true about finishing your plate in Japan. The Japanese consider it rude to leave food on your plate, whether at home or at a restaurant. … If you don’t want to eat more food, consider leaving a little behind to let the host know you have had enough.

Is Tokyo or Osaka cheaper?

Osaka: cheaper, dirtier and a whole lot friendlier than Tokyo. A vibey city of 2.7 million, it’s bigger than neighboring Kyoto and also more down to earth. Osaka, a port city, was once the business hub of Japan, with merchants from all over selling their wares and serving up good grub.

How many days in Osaka is enough?

3 days3 days in Osaka is the recommended time to stay. It gives you the flexibility to decide when and where you go. Whether it is taking a day trip to the Nara Deer Park or spending an afternoon relaxing in the world-famous Spa World, you will have enough time to cover the things you must see it Osaka.

How long should I stay in Osaka?

You could easily spend a week in Osaka without feeling bored. But, for most people with limited time, a few days in Osaka would be good. For example, if you’re coming to Japan for 10 days, it would make sense to spend a night and parts of two days in Osaka (and spend the rest of the time in Kyoto and Tokyo).

How is Osaka different from Tokyo?

While Tokyo and Osaka are only 500km apart, the differences between the two can make it seem like they’re at opposite ends of the country. Tokyo is known for its liveliness and dynamism, while Osaka is considered to be more carefree and relaxed.

Why is tipping rude in Japan?

The Japanese believe that you are already paying for good service so there is no need to pay extra. Some may even view a tip as a crass gesture so do abide by this good rule of thumb: in Japan, no matter how odd it may seem to you, do not tip.

Is it worth visiting Osaka?

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan (population 2.7 million) behind Tokyo and Yokohama. And with a rich history dating back some 1,500 years – and popular for its nightlife, food and shopping – Osaka should definitely be on your list when planning your Japan itinerary.

What is considered rude in Japan?

Pointing at people or things is considered rude in Japan. Instead of using a finger to point at something, the Japanese use a hand to gently wave at what they would like to indicate. When referring to themselves, people will use their forefinger to touch their nose instead of pointing at themselves.

Is it safe to walk around Osaka at night?

Due to a large number of citizens and the greater number of tourists, Osaka is prone to pickpocketing. It is safe to walk about at night and to travel on public transport as long as you remain watchful and vigilant.

How much money should I bring to Osaka?

You should plan to spend around ¥9,258 ($89) per day on your vacation in Osaka, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ¥2,574 ($25) on meals for one day and ¥1,644 ($16) on local transportation.

Is Osaka bigger than Tokyo?

Osaka, a city in the Kansai region of Japan, is much smaller than Tokyo and also a little bit smaller than Taipei City.

Why do Japanese sleep in separate beds?

For them, sleeping separately means peace. They value their sleep a lot and they don’t want to be disturbed while sleeping. This means that they don’t need and don’t like to put up with snoring, restless sleep, kicking, etc.

Is it better to fly into Tokyo or Osaka?

It is considerably cheaper to fly in and out of Tokyo than to include one leg of the trip going through either Osaka airport (flying from US).