Quick Answer: How Do You Say Have A Good Vacation?

How do you wish a customer?

Customer Appreciation Messages for Greeting Cards“We’re counting our blessings and that means customers like you.”“Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Thank you for your business.”“Without you, we wouldn’t be us.”.

How do you wish someone a good vacation?

Some Other Message Examples“I wish you a ton of happiness, joy, and fun while you are on vacation! I hope you have a great time!”“Catch you later! … “Enjoy the rest and downtime! … “I hope your vacation gives you the pleasure you need so that you don’t have to think of any problems back at home. … “Sit back.

What is correct in vacation or on vacation?

“On” is correct. In the United States, the word “my” is usually unnecessary and would usually be left out. The following examples are correct: “I will be on vacation from May 30th through June 2nd.” “I took this picture while I was on vacation last year.” “This is an automated message. I am currently on vacation.

How do you wish a summer vacation?

We wish you a safe and happy summer! May you and your family have a happy and healthy summer! Thank you for a fabulous year. Hope your summer is filled with reading, writing, and most of all…fun!

What are synonyms for vacation?

vacationbreak.holiday.layoff.recess.respite.rest.sabbatical.time off.

How do you use vacation in a sentence?

Vacation sentence examplesThis was a vacation, not an isolation camp. … Maybe this vacation would give them some much needed time together. … “It’s time for a vacation,” Dusty replied. … “Why don’t we take a vacation?” he asked. … It seems like you’ve become the resident veterinarian and the vacation is over.More items…

How long is a good vacation?

eight daysAccording to research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, the ideal length of a vacation is exactly eight days. As the researchers noted, a vacationer will feel an increase of happiness over the first several days of vacation, with that feeling peaking on the eighth day, The Times-Picayune explained.

How do you say enjoy your trip?

Enjoy your vacation! Have a wonderful trip! Wishing you a great trip! We wish you a safe journey!

How can I get the most relaxing vacation?

These are 5 ways to make your vacation more relaxingBook an All-Inclusive Package. … Leave Work Back at Home. … Location, Location, Location. … Hit the Hotel Gym. … Get a Great Night’s Sleep. … Try Something New.

How do you wish someone a happy holiday professionally?

General greetingsEnjoy the holiday season.Warmest Wishes.May your days be merry and bright.Hanukkah Sameach!Light the menorah.Wishing you a new year full of peace and joy.May your holidays be full of warmth and cheer.The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

What is the most common greeting?

There are many other options, but here are six of the most common formal ways to say “hello”:“Hello!”“Good morning.”“Good afternoon.”“Good evening.”“It’s nice to meet you.”“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” (These last two only work when you are meeting someone for the first time.)7. “ Hi!” ( … 8. “ Morning!” (More items…•

How do you wish a happy Christmas customer?

Short Business Holiday Card Messages for ClientsWe are wishing you all the best in this coming holiday season.Everyone at [company name] wants to wish you a Happy Holidays and prosperous New Year.Thank you for making this year so great. … May you and your family have a very merry holiday season and happy New Year.More items…•