Quick Answer: Is Needed Grammar?

What is need example?

The definition of a need is a desire or requirement.

An example of a need is the desire for a fast Internet connection.

An example of a need is food and water for survival.


What are the 11 rules of grammar?

11 Rules of GrammarUse Active Voice. … Link Ideas with a Conjunction. … Use a Comma to Connect Two Ideas As One. … Use a Serial Comma in a List. … Use the Semicolon to Join Two Ideas. … Use the Simple Present Tense for Habitual Actions. … Use the Present Progressive Tense for Current Action. … Add “ed” to verbs for the Past Tense.

What should I say instead of you must?


What is another word for needing?

SYNONYMS FOR need 7 neediness, indigence, penury, privation. 8 want, lack.

What can I use instead of in order to?

What is another word for in order to?toso as toas a means tofor the purpose ofthat one maythat it would be possible towith the aim ofin order to achieveso as to achievefor10 more rows

What is basic rule of grammar?

There are many grammar rules in English, but the basic rules refer to sentence structure and parts of speech. SENTENCE STRUCTURE. Sentence : A sentence is a group of words which expresses a complete thought and consists of a subject and a predicate.

What is the rule of grammar?

There are hundreds of grammar rules but the basics refer to sentence structure and parts of speech, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions.

What is the word want?

intransitive verb. 1 : to be needy or destitute. 2 : to have or feel need never wants for friends. 3 : to be necessary or needed. 4 : to desire to come, go, or be the cat wants in wants out of the deal.

Is needing grammatically correct?

The correct verb is “needs,” not “is needing.” “Need” is a stative verb describing a mental state. These verbs are not used in the progressive.

Is there a word needing?

need verb (MUST HAVE) [ + to infinitive ] I need to go to the toilet. Most people need to feel loved. [ + obj + to infinitive ] I need you to help me choose an outfit.

How do you use no need?

—used to say that something is not necessary”I’ll get someone to help you.” “No need. I can do it myself.” —often followed by to + verbThere’s no need to apologize. There’s no need to shout.

How do you use need in a sentence?

Need sentence examplesHe did not need anything of that kind. 601. … There was no need to rush. 302. … You will need a sitter for the party anyway. 209. … Still, a person didn’t need to say it to feel it. 179. … I am sorry, for I need you. … “I know,” Alex said, “but you need to go home and get some rest.” … Come if you need anything. … He didn’t need proof.More items…

What kind of verb is need?

Need is a semi-modal verb because in some ways it is like a modal verb and in other ways like a main verb. We use need mostly in the negative form to indicate that there is no obligation or necessity to do something: You needn’t take off your shoes.

Will be needing or would be needing?

The answer depends on the tense you are using. If you are saying it in future continuous tense, like, you will need something right now, or right after sometime, you say, “I will be needing it.”

What is the verb of do?

It has five different forms: do, does, doing, did, done. The base form of the verb is do. The past simple form, did, is the same throughout. The present participle is doing. The past participle is done.

What is a stronger word for request?

Synonyms for request. ask (for), order, put in (for), requisition.

What are the basic grammar?

Grammar is the system and structure of a language. The rules of grammar help us decide the order we put words in and which form of a word to use. The following are called parts of speech and they each have their own function. …