What Are The Characteristics Of Indian Village?

What are the characteristics of an ideal village explain?

The People of an ideal village should be honest and hard-working.

They should possess qualities like tolerance to every faith and religion, brotherhood and unity.

They should live like a large family and help one another in the hour of need.

They should have a sense of discipline and a spirit of service before self..

What is the main characteristics of India?

Answer: The basic characteristics of India as a developing economy are:Low per capita income.Occupational pattern – primary producing.Heavy population pressure.Prevalence of chronic unemployment and under-employment.Need for a steady improvement in the rate of capital formation.More items…

What are the prominent changes in Indian villages?

These changes have been brought by various agents. These include science, technology, and spread of education, advent of media in rural areas, industrialisation, urbanisation and migration.

What are the characters of India rural society?

Size of the Community: The village communities are smaller in area than the urban communities. … Density of Population: … The primacy of Agriculture: … Close Contact with Nature. … Homogeneity of Population: … Social Stratification: … Social Interaction: … Social Solidarity:

What are the types of villages?

Structurally villages in India can be divided into following types:The Nucleated Village: … The Linear Village: … Dispersed Village: … The Mixed Village: … Migratory Village: … Semi-permanent Agricultural Village: … Permanent Agricultural Village: … Co-operative Villages:More items…

What are the features of rural development?

A Rural Community can be classified as rural based on the criteria of lower population density, less social differentiation, less social and spatial mobility, slow rate of social change, etc. Agriculture is the major occupation of rural people.

What are the features of village?

Some of the important Characteristics features of Village Community in India are as follows:Bases of social organization: … Group of people: … Definite locality: … Small size: … Importance of neighborhood: … Community sentiment: … Predominance of primary relations: … Joint family system:More items…

What are the features of rural society?

The ten essential characteristics of the rural community are as follows: a. Size of the Community b. Density of Population c. Agriculture is the Main Occupation d.

What kind of society is India?

India is a hierarchical society. Whether in north India or south India, Hindu or Muslim, urban or village, virtually all things, people, and social groups are ranked according to various essential qualities. Although India is a political democracy, notions of complete equality are seldom evident in daily life.

What are the functions of village?

ADVERTISEMENTS: Towns and villages differ from each other where their functions are concerned….The hierarchy of these functions is discussed below:Processing: … Trade: … Wholesale Trade in Agricultural Products: … Services: … Manufacturing and Mining: … Transport: … Pilgrimage/Tourism: … Residential:

What Every village needs?

What Business Does Every Small Town Need?Grocery Store. Everyone needs to buy groceries. … Convenience Store.Gas Station. Help local drivers fill up their tanks and get some extra business from those who are just passing through by opening a small town gas station.Pharmacy. … Hardware Store. … Garden Center.Coffee Shop. … Diner.More items…•

Which is the foremost characteristics of Indian community?

Some of the chief characteristic features of Indian society are: the caste system, unity in diversity, spirituality, joint family, importance of kinship, the democratic political system, agricultural economy, great relevance of religion etc.

What is an example of a rural area?

Agriculture is the primary industry in most rural areas. Most people live or work on farms or ranches. Hamlets, villages, towns, and other small settlements are in or surrounded by rural areas. Wildlife is more frequently found in rural areas than in cities because of the absence of people and buildings.

What are the main features of Indian society?

Salient features of the Indian Society for UPSC ExamThe Merging of Tradition with Modernism. … The Indian Society is Syncretic and Dynamic. … The Underlying Theme of Unity is Diversity. … Patriarchy. … The Society is Largely Agrarian and Rural. … Class and Caste Divide. … There is Tolerance and Mutual Respect.

What is the important of village?

when we talk with them about their village goodness, about their beautiful environment, their clean air, organic food, friendly families and low risky life they will laugh. … People in the village have to know how much we need them, how much they are important for those people live in cities.