What Rifle Did Marine Snipers Use In Vietnam?

What was the most common sniper rifle used in Vietnam?

Sniper/marksman riflesM1C/D Garand and MC52 – used by CIA advisors, the USMC and the US Navy early in the war.

M1903A4 Springfield – used by the USMC early in the war, replaced by the M40.M21 Sniper Weapon System – sniper variant of the M14 rifle used by the US Army.More items….

What rifle do the Marines use?

M27 Infantry Automatic RifleWeapons used The basic infantry weapon of the United States Marine Corps is the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle. Suppressive fire is provided by the M240B machine gun, at the squad and company levels respectively.

What is the most accurate factory rifle?

The 10 Most Accurate Factory Hunting Rifles We’ve Ever TestedSeekins Precision Havak Pro Hunter. Seekins Precision Havak Pro Hunter • $2,220Seekins Precision. … Browning X-Bolt Max Long Range Hunter. Browning X-Bolt Max Long Range Hunter • $1,270Browning. … Mauser M18. … Proof Switch. … Savage M10 Stealth. … Christensen Arms MPR. … Bergara B-14 HMR. … BadRock Precision South Fork.More items…•

What sniper rifle is called a Kate?

Tac-Ops Bravo 51QAZ Member. the rifle marines call a “Kate” is a Tac-Ops Bravo 51, which was indeed Ari’s weapon.

What rifle did snipers use in Vietnam?

M21The M21 Sniper Weapons System was a version of the M14, but tooled for accuracy, and it was the primary semi-automatic rifle for the war in Vietnam. The M1 Garand sniper variants were used by the Marines and some elements of the Army, but it was replaced by the M21 around 1968.

What kind of rifle do Marine snipers use?

In the past year, the US Army, Marine Corps, and Special Operations Command have all shown interest in the same bolt-action rifle for their snipers — the Barrett Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) rifle able to fire three different rounds.