Who Uses AWM?

What is cost of AWM?

If you are playing pubg and other games then you would must have heard about awm.

The real cost of The Sniper Rifle AWM is 8000 us dollars and in Indian currency 5 lakh 60 thousand.

And the cost of 20 bullets of AWM is 85000 rupees in Indian currency..

What caliber is an AWM?

Most Arctic Warfare rifles are chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge, but Accuracy International also made variants of the sniper rifle, the AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) chambered either for the .300 Winchester Magnum and the .338 Lapua Magnum and the AW50 (Arctic Warfare .50 calibre) chambered for the .50 BMG ( …

Which is better AWM or m24?

M24 is basically a magazine-loaded version of the Kar98k with slightly superior stats: better damage, higher velocity and faster reload times. AWM is a more powerful M24 with a much higher damage and bullet velocity (comparable to 5.56 rifles) but only comes with 20 rounds. … The AWM does not take .

Which is better SLR or m24?

M24 is a bolt-action sniper rifle while SLR is a marksman rifle. If you are playing solo than M24 would be a better choice. … M24 is Bolt Action with low fire rate but High damage And SLR is Marksman or auto sniper with mor fire rate but damage is very low. Also recoil is more in SLR because of its fire rate.

Can AWM kill Level 3 helmet?

This is one of the prime reasons why AWM is a rare drop weapon with exclusive ammo type. One headshot from the AWM will knock down an enemy irrespective of a Level 3 helmet.

Is AWM a good gun?

AWM. All of the air drop weapons are amazing choices and things you should 100% run if you get the chance, but there is no doubt that the AWM is by far the best, and easily the best gun in the game. The AWM will one shot everyone if you hit them in the head, even if they are rocking a level three helmet.

Is AWM the best sniper?

The best and the most powerful sniper in the world of PUBG Mobile is AWM. … AWM uses . 300mm magnum rounds and has to be used very carefully. It gives a maximum damage of 105 and has the longest range.

What is the AWM in PUBG?

bolt action rifle”The AWM is a powerful bolt action rifle designed for extreme range sharpshooting. Dealing the highest amount of damage out of any gun in the game, it is also one of only two ranged weapons (the other being the crossbow) capable of killing any player in one shot to the head.”

Is a VSS a sniper?

Special sniper rifle with a permanent scope and suppressor. The VSS Vintorez (Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya) is a special sniper/DMR-type suppressed weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.